What is Odd Hook?

Odd hook is not about us, it is about you and your fishing. You and we have one thing in common, the feeling of catching that fish that makes you jump and scream of happiness. It is a feeling we will never forget and that feeling we want you to be reminded by wearing it on your clothes.

How does it work?
What makes oddhook.com so unique is that you can create your own personal fishing memory. Whether you want to remember your personal best, your favorite fish or just be part of the community, oddhook lets you do all that and a little more.

How do I order?
It's a simple 2-step process
1.Select one of the species, eg Perch. Enter the information you want (what lake, weight and height etc.) or just leave empty and become part of the community.
2.Read on to checkout to pay and place your order. Based on your information, we create a timeless and unique garment for you

I can't find a particular species on the website, how do I do?
We illustrate fully so that we can launch new species and products every week. In order for us to illustrate the species you are missing as soon as possible, please feel free to let us know here.

Can I return an already ordered product?
Since your order is personally designed for you and products that are 'customized articles' are not legally subject to return. We do not usually accept returns BUT we understand that each case is different, so contact us via contact@oddhook.com if you have any problems with your received product.

We do not offer returns or refunds for products on sale

I happened to write errors in my order, can this be changed afterwards?
The products are created 2 hours after your order. If you have made a mistake, please notify us at contact@oddhook.com within 2 hours and we will help you.

I received the wrong order, how do I do?
We are sorry to hear that your order is not in the perfect condition that we always strive to deliver. This is really something we try to prevent by using the best possible shipping and delivery partners. But sometimes accidents do happen. And when the accident has occurred, send us pictures of your damaged / incorrect product to contact@oddhook.com and we will send out a new product to you with Express shipping.

How long is the delivery time?
The product is produced within 3-5 working days and the delivery is expected to take another 2-5 working days to Sweden. But we always strive for the whole buying experience to take 6 working days, from ordered product to your mailbox.

Do you deliver to countries other than Sweden?
Yes, we deliver worldwide.

What payment methods can I use?
You can use the Klarna, Visa, MasterCard & PayPal debit cards.

I have a complaint, where can I turn?
Please contact us at: contact@oddhook.com

What is On My Hook?

On my hook is our previously name before our rebrand. Onmyhook have changed it's name to Odd hook. You can read more about the rebranding here